Project Plus

Project Plus is a real estate design and consulting firm with an emphasis in the urban context. Project Plus offers expertise in site feasibility studies, land and building planning, + design visualization and consulting.

Branding. Project Plus stems from the thought that there is always more to add to a project; financial analysis, planning, design, character, visualization, research, + construction preparation. The name is intentionally ambiguous; Project Plus intends to morph its products and services to fit the needs of the market, clients, and community.

Defining Community. Project Plus specializes in place making real estate intended to define the community in which it inhabits. Communities are built over time and P+ believes the variety of old and new is important in the creation of community with a sense of place, time and tradition. Project Plus’s intends to define, design, and create projects that mesh with the surrounding patterns and textures; defining and underlining the community in which they exist.


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Suite 201
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